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Case studies of industrial applications making use of RF Innovations' radio products. For an updated overview of RF Innovations' industry projects, please visit our new website www.stiengineering.com.au

Remote Controlled Railway Crossings

In actively protected rail level crossings sometimes the signal operation needs to be manually operated, where localised radio-based control can provide a cost effective solution.

The RF Innovations SCADA receiver is easy to implement as it works using existing UHF voice radio hardware. There is no need to buy or install additional transmitters to operate the SCADA receiver.

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Communications Site Construction

The alliance of RF Innovations with Solcomm and CRT Services extends the company’s capability to deliver complete communication sites, including construction, installation and commissioning.

The first project undertaken under this alliance is Telstra SMR (Site Make Ready), for Silcar Communications, to construct or upgrade various Telstra sites throughout Western Australia.
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Communications Site Construction

Environmental Monitoring

In environmental monitoring systems it is often required to locate remote stations in rural and hard to reach areas. Such locations can prove difficult when providing for communications.

The RF Innovations VHF Crescendo has been used in environmental monitoring and warning systems where the difficult terrain required high performance, non line-of-site data radios.

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Environmental Monitoring Systems

Wireless Rail Communications
Radio communications has proven to be a cost effective, yet flexible and reliable alternative to hard-wired networks for rail operations and maintenance systems.

RF Innovations data radios are well suited to wide area long haul rail networks where reliable communications is required over large distances.

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Rail Communications System

Radio Modems for PAPL Leased Line Replacement

As many Leased Line services, known as Permitted Attached Private Lines (PAPL) or Private Circuits, are being phased out by telecommunications companies users of these services are turning to alternative technologies for connecting their legacy services.


Private data radio is one technology being used to provide the same dedicated connection link with the same required timing and interface specifications. 

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PAPL Leased Line Replacement

GPS Assisted Radio Survey
RF Innovations has developed a GPS assisted survey utility which delivers quick radio coverage prediction maps with an end goal of identifying potential issues before they become a problem.

The survey delivers an easy to understand pictorial view of the area, with a multicolour overlay so that coverage can be easily understood at a glance. RFI can also provide a report outlining the coverage tests and recommendations.
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GPS Survey

RF Innovations Goes to Hollywood
RF Innovations radios have been used for more than 6 years in remote control stunt cars that star in Hollywood blockbusters. The radios have been used in big-ticket movies such as Mission Impossible 3, Iron Man and Terminator 3.
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RFI Radios in Blockbusters

Wireless Last Mile Link

RF Innovations radios have been used in many applications to extend communications links past the coverage limits of public networks, in rural and mine site areas or in basements and multilevel car parks. The data radios are used as a last mile link where other communications are not feasible, are unreliable or are being phased out. In most cases the operation of then network does not need to change to accommodate the new wireless infrastructure.

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Last Mile Link

Vehicle and Mobile Asset Monitoring

Black Box ocntrol and RF Innovations have developed a system allowing for vehicle tracking and telemetry solutions in remote areas. The solution is ideal for asset monitoring within pockets of interest, or in areas with limited telecommunications coverage. 

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Vehicle and Asset Monitoring

Remote Irrigation Network Expands
Micro Control Engineering has had great success with their remote controlled irrigation networks Australia wide. With the majority of the networks based on RF Innovations UHF radio modems, the systems allow for convenient optimising of water usage in commercial, industrial and government applications.
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Irrigation Network Expands

V8 Supercar Telemetry
In Australia the V8 Supercars are fitted with sophisticated MoTeC monitoring and data acquisition systems. The systems provide streaming high-speed updates about the vehicles operating performance. Using the RF Innovations 900MHz radio modem racing teams can view the vehicle data in real time.    
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V8 Supercar Application

Automated Straddle Application
The RFI-9256 radio modem is used as a part of the Patrick Terminal Automated Straddle System. The radio allows an operator using a single pendant remote control to make a dedicated connection via a standard Hayes protocol to any of the straddles operating in the yard. The operator can perform a manual straddle movement then release control to back to the automated system.
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Automated Straddle Application

Irrigation Appliation
The Micro Control Engineering RAINMAN system incorporates an RF Innovations radio unit as an all-in-one solar powered monitoring and control station for commercial and industrial irrigation systems. The system gives the user control of thier irrigation systems at a central location allowing ultimate flexibility and full-time control of their water cycles. 
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Irrigation Application

Security Access Control Systems

The RFI-9256 radio modem has been successfully utilised in security access control systems across a range of industries. The radio is particularly well suited for use in mobile and temporary access point applications, or as an alternative where cabling is either uneconomical or impractical. The radio is fully compatible with the softwares of industry leaders Siemens™, Honeywell™ and Tecom™. 

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Security Access Control

Remote Ethernet Connectivity
RF Innovations remote Ethernet solution has been successfully implemented in mining and geotechnical applications, providing long range Ethernet connectivity and allowing users to share files, access emails and connect to any industrial TCP/Ip device.
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Remote Ethernet Connectivity

Environmental Monitoring
There are a growing number of environmental and weather monitoring stations in use for industry to adhere to regulatory  reporting requirements.

RF Innovations data radios have been successfully used in many environmental systems for long distance wireless communications between remote monitoring stations and a central processing system.

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Data Radio for Environmental Monitoring