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Emergency Services

RF Innovations data radios are used in a number of Emergency Services and Public Security applications. For an updated overview of RF Innovations' industry projects, please visit our new website www.stiengineering.com.au

Victorian State-Wide Emergency System Proves a Success

The Victorian Government’s state-wide Emergency Alerting System (EAS) was commissioned in November 2006 to provide a guaranteed method of emergency message delivery to all populated areas of Victoria.


Servicing 30,000 personnel in the Country Fire Authority, Rural Ambulance Victoria and the Victoria State Emergency Service, the RF Innovations RFI-148 100 Watt VHF paging transmitter is a vital part of the system.

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EAS System Update

Emergency Response System
The emergency services of the Australian Capital Territory are using data radio technology to improve effectiveness and coordination of their attendance to an emergency. They are using a VHF network that requires no fixed infrastructure to relay vehicle locations, short messages and jpeg pictures.
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Emergency Services Application

Emergency Alerting System

The Victorian Government's state-wide Emergency Alerting System (EAS) services 30,000 personnel of the Country Fire Authority, Rural Ambulance Victoria and Victorian State Emergency Services.

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Emergency Alerting System

Fire Safety Systems
RF Innovations radio modems have been successfully used to enhance a range of fire safety systems. Supporting a range of connectivity options including RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet and dry contact wiring the data radios offer an easy and economical solution where wiring is impractical or costly.
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Fire Safety Application