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RFI Ethernet Bridge pre-release
Wednesday, July 9, 2008

RF Innovations has successfully developed a Remote Ethernet Bridge Module (RFI-REBM), for use with our licensed and license-free data radio modems.


Implemented in several trial systems, the RFI-REBM is suited for applications in Utilities, Mining, Agriculture and Transport industries where reliable wide area Ethernet data transfer is critical.


The RFI-REMB optimises Ethernet communication for transmission over a wide area data radio network.


The module transparently transfers all protocols from the network layer such as FTP and industry standard TCP/IP Modbus and DNP protocols.


Main Features


         IEEE 802.3 MAC layer operation for simple deployment

         Transparently transfers all network layer protocols

         Address learning and aging

         10/100 BaseT Ethernet

         LED and software diagnostics


Remote Ethernet Bridge Module.pdf

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