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Antennas & Multicoupling

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Antennas recommended for use with RF Innovations radio modems. Suitable for site communications and mobile data systems. Ask our technical staff which antenna will be right for your application.

UHF/VHF/900MHz Antennas


- Ground independent whip antennas for mobile or telemetry applications.

- Base station antennas and yagi antennas for greater point-to-point coverage.

- Low profile Antennas for hight restricted applications

- Simple stubby antennas for very short range, and for systems bench testing

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Multicoupling Equipment


The correct choice of multicoupling and filtering equipment can make or break an RF system. RF Innovations can offer a range of equipment suitable for congested RF environments; to adhere to stringent emission standards, block out unwanted signals, allow multiple antenna for a single transmitter or allow duplex use of a single antenna.   

- Cavity Filters for high power paging systems

- Diplexers for full–duplex and repeater systems 

- Phasing arrangements for multiple antennas

Product Code: Please contact us for further information

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