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Collision Avoidance in Industrial Environments

After four years research and development the RF Innovations current proximity technology has performed well in industrial trials and is progressing to commercial release into industry.

Proximity Detection

The Proximity Detection system is a result of four years of Research and Development. The R&D was funded by a Federal Government AusIndustry Start grant. Many of the technical hurdles in the application of Proximity Detection have been overcome with the current design.

Our Proximity Detection technology is aimed at safety-critical applications, where the risks of personal injury and equipment damage are primary concerns. RF Innovations believes this technology has the potential to reduce the risk of accident in the workplace and therefore provide a safer working environment, with lower downtime and liability risks.

Several successsful trials of the RangeGuard Anti-Collision System prototype have generated major interest from the international crane market.

With further refinements in the technology for wider industry applications including; loading yards and train terminals the RF Innovations proximity technology is sure to take a large share of the industrial safety market.