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TIN: Asset Protection and Disaster Avoidance

RF Innovations' train technology is a result of many prototype stages and industrial trials. The current technology is proving to be very suitable in the rail freight industry.

Train Integrity Network

TIN (Train Integrity Network) provides the ability to monitor on-board and in real-time parameters that may constitute elements of risk in rail and train operations: wheel and wheel bearing temperature, wheel derailment, binding brakes, binding centre plates or yawing bogies

TIN replaces existing trackside hot-box detectors, "hot wheel" detectors, drag equipment detectors, wheel impact and load detectors and end of train detectors. Fault detection hardware resides on the wheel and radio modems relay status information back to the locomotive.

In addition to monitoring of risk parameters, TIN may ease train operations, by providing real-time information on operational parameters such as car identification, car location and data communications between train and a remote host. The remote host may possibly reside on an operation control centre, or train data may be posted on the Internet.
TIN applies RF Innovationsí field-proven spread-spectrum technology to build a network of store-and-forward nodes conveying quasi-realtime train integrity data to a central Train Integrity Server.

TIN is the result of a two year R&D project, funded by RF Innovations with the support of a Federal Government Start Grant.

In cooperation with a local rail consultancy group, RF Innovations is negotiating a trial of an advanced prototype system and subsequent commercial rollout of the technology.